Cartridge Loader

Segment: Aerospace/Industrial/Electronics

Application: Automated Cartridge Filling Station

Material: Various

Challenge: Quickly, safely and easily fill 6, 12 and 20 fl-oz cartridges.

Solution: Fluidic Cartridge Loader Option for PK1D and PK2D


Video: Fluidic Cartridge Loader Option

Brochure: Fluidic Cartridge Flyer

Conformal Coating Circuit Board for LED Application

Segment: Electronic Printed Circuit Board / LED

Application: Conformal Coat circuit board with 2K silicone

Material: Dow Corning Silicone 3-4207

Challenge: Bubble free, continuous dispense application. Programmable and repeatable flowrate. 

Solution: PK1D -  Fully integrated, Automated XYZ 2 component dispensing unit with conveyors


Video: Fluidic PK1D Cartesian XYZ Station - LEDFluidic PK1D Cartesian XYZ Station - LED

Epoxy Syntactic for Honeycomb

 Segment: Aerospace Interior

Application: Epoxy Syntactic for honeycomb edge fill (aircraft interiors)

Material: 3M EC-3550 series Low Density Void Filling Compounds

Challenge: Continuous flow and density integrity (no damage to glass beads)

Solution: PK2D 

Spray Aircraft Parts 737 and 787

Segment: Aerospace

Material: Akzo Nobel Aircraft Primer

Challenge: Application required constant calibration of the flowmeters.The requirement was to have a unit that would not need flowmeters and would not require any calibration. 

Solution: Special dual 2-component system with 1 controller (PK4S-R)

Dual Solvent Borne Laminating Adhesive

Segment: Lamination

Application: Dual solvent borne laminating adhesive 

Material: Coim NC-250/70-A PU

Challenge: Application requred dispense 3 component solvent base adhesive at ratio of 100(A):3(B):106(C) pbw (parts by weight)

Solution: Fluidic PK3CDx2-EX

CARC Spray

Segment: Military

Application: Robotic Painting Humvee

Material: CARC and Epoxy Primer

Challenge: Abrasive materials would wear flow meters.

Solution: PK2S

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